Movie Night


Smoothing his hands over her back, one of his hands moved to her front and he tentatively let his fingers roam. Touching her chest.

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Movie Night


Both of his hands found their way under the back of her shirt again. Smoothing his hands over her back, his fingertips brushed the clasp of her bra. Taking it between his fingers, he unclasped it.
When she felt his fingers find her bra, her heart started to pound excitedly. She allowed him to unhook it, and her own hands wandered towards and slipped beneath the hem of his shirt.
lionheartedswordsman: "Shh shh, if you moan like that we’ll get caught."



Emmreth bit her lower lip to keep from moaning loudly like that once more underneath his nips and kisses to her neck and collarbone. “I can’t help it, Fili. You know what you do to me.” she replied breathily.

"You already make me very happy, love," Fili whispered quietly to Emmreth after she indulged him with yet another kiss. "You are honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me, and there is no way that I am going to give you up," he promised her before easing her down to bring her lips to his. This one was a bit more heated as he refused to disentangle his fingers from her hair. He let out an excited sigh, then murmured against her lips, "Good girl. Let’s keep it quiet or else Uncle might hear us…"
Upon being called her favorite little petname, Emmreth grinned blissfully down at Fili. Besides, it did help to know that she made her love feel so happy. Nothing made her happier than knowing that. “I shall try, my prince.” she whispered against his lips, gladly allowing his grip on her hair. “But you are the best thing that has ever happened to me too.” She then kissed him again, doing so a bit harder than before. All the while, her heart began to beat excitedly.

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To Dungeons Deep


As much as Fili enjoyed the short time that he had spent in the Shire, there was a part of him that looked forward to going home. Although it was true that there were many aspects of Emmreth’s home that he loved, such as the rolling green hills, the laid back lifestyle, as well as the openness of her parents, Fili missed his own homeland. Being away from the Blue Mountains for quite some time made him realize how much he loved his mother, the burning and molten smells of hard work coming from the many smithies that dotted his town, as well as the majestic beauty of the snow capped peaks that surrounded his town.

The trio pressed forward, and soon enough, the emerald greenness of the hills became steadily browner and more drab, until the the scenery turned largely gray and white. They were getting closer and closer to Ered Luin. Fili glanced up as the two Dwarves passed by them. He did not recognize them, but they regarded the two princes with a nod and gave a curious glance at Emmreth. They even craned their necks at her as they passed to get a closer look.

It was then that he heard her speak. “Aye, that is where we live. Welcome to the Blue Mountains, love,” Fili told her with a smile. He and Kili led the way, continuing down the stone path and the intricate stone gates to the entrance of town. Here and there, other Dwarves went about their business, and when they saw the princes coming, they offered them friendly waves, “Ready to meet our mother?”

Emmreth continued to hold onto her love’s hand as they made their way along the path, her other still gripping Thunder’s bridle. Her emerald gaze continued to take in all the new sights curiously, especially the Dwarves that waved at the royal brothers. These same Dwarves and many other gave her strange looks, but she did her best to ignore them. Fili’s voice distracted her from their staring.

Was she ready? The thought might have made her heart suddenly begin to beat faster than it was already had been in anticipation. Now, it was more a nervous flutter. “Yes, I think so.” she answered softly, glancing over at Fili. “I just hope she thinks I am worthy of you, âzyung.”

Movie Night


"I don’t want to." He whispered as he leaned up to kiss her, his hands over her’s.

Emmreth melted into the kiss immediately, his words having made her heart skip a beat. It now fluttered in her chest as her lips moved against his.

Care too little.. You’ll lose them.
Care too much.. you’ll get hurt. —(via fawun)



"Either very naïve, or a monster yourself.  Monsters can care as much as anyone.  It all depends on if your only determining factor is a body count."

"I’m beginning to think we both a different idea of what a monster is. And I don’t feel like either of those."




        "Na’ wha’ ‘em I gonna ‘ave ta’ do ta’ take yew ‘ome wi’ me?"

        Caught off guard, her cheeks flushed. “A lot.” she answered after a moment.


"You call us thieves, but at least a thief has t' be brave and
clever and quick. A kneeler only has t' kneel.”

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