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The female doesn’t want a rich man or a handsome man or even a poet, she wants a man who understands her eyes if she gets sad, and points to his chest and say: ‘Here is your home country.’

Nizar Qabbani 

Arab poets man. I swear.

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“Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky


“Wrong Century” by Tomas Kucerovsky


Kili raised a curious eyebrow at Emmreth’s response. “A few presents? Sounds like the two of you exchanged a mountain of gifts if it took that long for the both of you to finally get here,” he teased.

Fili laughed at his brother’s reason for why he and Emmreth were a bit late. At least he didn’t accuse them of engaging in a marathon snogging session. He gripped his fiancé’s hand softly.

"Kili! You still haven’t outgrown that, have you?" Dis chided her younger son lightly. It was then that Thorin poked his head into the doorway. "Dinner is ready."

She was rather surprised when Kili’s joke had not turned out to be more suggestive. Emmreth had expected him to perhaps jokingly accuse them of having been making or perhaps even having wild sex.

But knowing their track record, it wouldn’t have exactly been out of character if that had caused them to be late. Especially considering they had come with a plan to sneak off at least once during the party to lavish each other with kisses. Just thinking about it caused her heart to grow warm.

Still, she chuckled at the teasing and light chiding. And when the announcement was given, she stood rather eagerly, always looking forward to food.

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Bad Teacher. 


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Gimme Angst!
8. Your muse finds mine lying on the ground with a deep stab wound in their stomach/leg (mun’s choice)

   Perhaps it had been a mistake—a grave mistake to fight back. Or, at least, she had tried. Emmreth had had no interest in letting the mugger have her purse, and she would have been lying if she said it had not been partly out of pride that she resisted him, despite the fact he had had a knife. She was sweet, yes. But she was not one to just allow someone to walk right over her, if she could help it.

That’s what the mugging felt like, though she had also not been to eager to part with her money and everything else the purse had contained. Either way, she swiftly lost the struggle when the mugger stabbed her in the leg, sending her to ground with slight cry of pain out of shock.

The mugger ran off with her purse. And once she started getting over the shock off it all, she sat up and tried to help stop the bleeding with her hands as she waited and prayed someone would happen across her. After a few moments, she heard the sound of someone approaching and glanced up, her fearful emerald eyes full of hope that whoever it was would help her.


Angst Meme 


Under the cut are 30 angsty prompts. Send me “Gimme Angst!” and I’ll generate a number to see what we get!

Warning! Triggers are throughout these plots (such as rape, suicide, ect.)

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Nothing to offer? A scape goat, a willing victim, something to play with while he's bored. The Master doesn't trust you, he only tells you the bare minimum in order to keep you around. Don't you see? He's manipulating you, and he finds it absolutely hilarious.

      Again, she swallowed. Anger still boiled within her, but hurt was returning to surface as every word seemed to stab at her heart once more. Her eyes began to sting, threatening to develop tears.

"No, he isn’t.” she argued, a growling edge to her voice to help mask the pain. “If you really think that, that’s because you’ve never the seen the way he looks at me when we’re alone or the way he fights to protect me. He has nearly sacrificed his own life to save my own more than once. I am no one’s plaything.”

Maybe she was saying some of things for her own benefit, as a reminder of the evidence of his affection for her. Still, her heart ached and throbbed.

Well you're a perfect match for each other then, aren't you? A foolish girl who never questions what he doesn't tell her, and the Master who just loves taking advantage of that. How would I know? Everyone knows. You're the only one who can't see it. Why don't you ask him, see where that gets you?
Anons; you should mess with my character. Yes, yes you should.


      Though still hurt, Emmreth was growing angry. Maybe because she knew there was some truth to other’s words. Almost blindly, she trusted the Master. With her life. With her heart. But whether that was a mistake or not, she still would not have it any other way.


Did he take advantage of that? The more she thought about that, the more she realized he had, at one time or another. Especially when they first met. But maybe there were times he had used her blind trust for himself but in a good way. Accepting her love and returning the feelings could almost be considered a good way of taking advantage of her trust.

"Maybe I will." she shot back stubbornly. "While he’s had his secrets, he actually shares quite a lot when I ask him things. I already know about the year that never was and some of the other things he’s done in the past. Maybe he actually trusts me in return—Did you ever think about that? Whether he takes advantage of me or not, you can never convince me he doesn’t have feelings for me. A man like him would not keep me around if he didn’t have something to gain. And besides my love for him, I have nothing to offer."