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Modern AU // Lionofdurin  

It was surprisingly quiet at the British Museum that afternoon. Emmreth didn’t really mind because that meant she could pay more attention to the artifacts than the people in the room. Today, the blonde was standing guard in the museum’s special exhibit called “The Book of the Dead”, which explored the Egyptian’s views on death and the afterlife. She found it hard to keep her green eyes off of the beautiful sarcophagi, the books of the dead, and various other items that had been brought in just for the exhibit. Apparently someone else felt similarly, for she noticed a blonde man, who was oblivious to the fact that she had caught him red-handed, was trying to snap a few pictures of the artifacts with a professional looking camera. Emmreth crept up behind the man. “I sorry, sir, but no cameras are aloud in this exhibit.” She said in her American accent.

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